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Re: [copyright law wackyness]

Hi All,

> It discusses the problems of CC and GPL licensing in Slovakia. Please
> note that overall problem is not only about written form of license
> (also signed email are written form - thus its not the same as paper
> form), but more about the rules that govern formation of the contract. 
> I however, believe that proper interpretation of rules could actually
> enable GLP licenses. The problem is this is very creative or
> wishful-interpretation based on constitutional freedoms. 
> We know about these problems and are trying best to address them (there
> was a proposal for amendment, but had a problem because of preliminary
> elections in March).

Perhaps one addition, written form is being defined in Civil Code as

Section 40(4) 
The written form shall be kept if the legal act is done by telegraph,
teleprinter or electronic means that allow picking up of its content and
determining of the acting person.

Bad translation of the Act, but is suppose to mean that also electronic
means satisfy written form provided that the content is capable of being
preserved and that it is possible to determine the person acting.


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