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Re: [copyright law wackyness]

Hi all,

I was told about this thread and as I am copyright lawyer from Slovakia
(doing also within Creative Commons Slovakia), here is the background
you are looking for.

Yes, there is such problem in Slovakia, and it used to be in Czech
republic also (it changed in 2009 I guess). Its not really about the
Crazy law, but really old law, which wasn´t reviewed by crazy
parliament :).

I can perhaps recommend this article from friend of mine: 

It discusses the problems of CC and GPL licensing in Slovakia. Please
note that overall problem is not only about written form of license
(also signed email are written form - thus its not the same as paper
form), but more about the rules that govern formation of the contract. 

I however, believe that proper interpretation of rules could actually
enable GLP licenses. The problem is this is very creative or
wishful-interpretation based on constitutional freedoms. 

We know about these problems and are trying best to address them (there
was a proposal for amendment, but had a problem because of preliminary
elections in March).

Also Creative Commons Slovakia and several Slovak NGOs + now FSFE
supported and pushes for change. 

If you have any question, just send me an email.


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> Sujet: copyright law wackyness
> Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 13:51:10 +0800
> Hi all,
> I read an extraordinary claim about the GPL on IRC and during the
> ensuing discussions I discovered a couple of countries with unusual
> copyright law.
> In Slovakia apparently license grants have to be "in writing", meaning
> most software licenses have no effect and anyone participating in Free
> Software is potentially doing so illegally. In addition, license grants
> must be to specific persons.
> http://mujlt.law.muni.cz/storage/1205528865_sb_07-ezattler.pdf
> Apparently the Czech Republic had similar issues until 2000.
> Anyone else know of any weird copyright law around the world?
> -- 
> bye,
> pabs


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