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Re: copyright law wackyness

* Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> [111223 06:51]:
> I read an extraordinary claim about the GPL on IRC and during the
> ensuing discussions I discovered a couple of countries with unusual
> copyright law.
> In Slovakia apparently license grants have to be "in writing", meaning
> most software licenses have no effect and anyone participating in Free
> Software is potentially doing so illegally. In addition, license grants
> must be to specific persons.

The details in that pdf are quite sparse, but I'd suspect someone
misunderstood something there. Needing the written form sounds much more
like something needed for exclusive licensing (which in countries with
"moral rights" is the equivalent of a transfer of copyright).

If every licensing was effected, that would also mean noone could "sell"
software and/or other bits (like songs) with only media or over the
internet. Which sounds unrealistic (or likely to be changed soon

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