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Re: Are Web-API packages need to be in the 'main' repo ?

I don't think that the "desert island" thought experiment has anything
to do with web services.

The purpose of the "desert island" "test" is to show why software like
postcardware ("send me a postcard if you use my software") is not Free

While the situation is not exactly the same, consider whether Debian
should include software that operates a printer.  The ROM inside
this particular printer is not Free Software, and there's probably no
other purpose to the output of the program except when used in
conjunction with the printer.

Should Debian exclude this printer driver merely because of the
non-freeness of the printer's ROM?

What about the case where the printer is only offered for lease, not for

If the answer to either of the above is "yes", should the "desert
island" test be cited since there's no way for the poor fellow on the
island to order that printer for delivery to his island?

I think the answer to any of these questions is "no".

PS Besides which, there are lots of uses for the hypothetical network
client or printer driver even in the absence of any working server or
printer in the universe.  For instance, studying the client is useful
in creating a compatible server, and studying the driver is useful in
creating a decoder that can transform printer data into a page image in
a portable format.

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