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Re: Auto-acceptance of license by download a problem for 'main'?

Michael Hanke <mih@debian.org> writes:

> | Your contribution of software and/or data to XXXX (including prior
> | to the date of the first publication of this Agreement, each a
> | "Contribution") and/or downloading, copying, modifying, displaying,
> | distributing or use of any software and/or data from XXXX
> | (collectively, the "Software") constitutes acceptance of all of the
> | terms and conditions of this Agreement. If you do not agree to such
> | terms and conditions, you have no right to contribute your
> | Contribution, or to download, copy, modify, display, distribute or use
> | the Software.

I find these terms to be somewhat ambiguous. If the requirement to
accept the license before download applies only to downloads from the
orginal site, I think this is fine. However, when they try to enforce
downstream to present the license as an EULA before downloading, then I
think this is not acceptable. Maybe not as a direct violation of the
DFSG, but Debian provides no option to present an EULA before
downloading packages, so distributing the software might even constitute
contributory copyright infringement.


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