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Auto-acceptance of license by download a problem for 'main'?

Dear -legal,

I'm currently looking into packaging a software with a license that has
the following clause:

| Your contribution of software and/or data to XXXX (including prior
| to the date of the first publication of this Agreement, each a
| "Contribution") and/or downloading, copying, modifying, displaying,
| distributing or use of any software and/or data from XXXX
| (collectively, the "Software") constitutes acceptance of all of the
| terms and conditions of this Agreement. If you do not agree to such
| terms and conditions, you have no right to contribute your
| Contribution, or to download, copy, modify, display, distribute or use
| the Software.

I had some concerns about the fact the users of such package would
automatically agree to all conditions in that license even before they
get to see it on there system. However, apparently this is not a problem for
inclusion of such package into main -- this conclusion is based on the
fact that the slicer package also uses exactly this style of license:


I assume that this is OK, because the rest of the license only imposes
DFSG-compliant constraints.

Is that correct?



Michael Hanke

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