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Re: Question about GPL and DFSG Compatibility of a Proposed Amendment to the W3C Document Licence

On Thu, 28 Apr 2011 17:41:40 +0200 Lachlan Hunt wrote:

> Paul Wise wrote:
> > Is there any chance they would use an existing license instead of
> > reinventing the legal wheel?
> Many of us are arguing that the W3C should do just that with suggestions 
> to use MIT, BSD or CC0.

These are great suggestions, indeed!
Please, please, please, persuade the W3C to adopt well-known and widely
adopted Free Software licenses for the standard descriptions!

>  But they are being stubborn with several 
> members remaining opposed to the idea of allowing the specification to 
> be forked, and they came up with their 3 licence options in an attempt 
> to reach a compromise.

This is really sad.

> However, since GPL compatibility is a requirement for the licence, I'm 
> hoping the W3C can be convinced to give up on these alternatives if it 
> can be proven that they are not compatible.

As I said, I believe the currently proposed options are
GPL-incompatible. I hope the final decision will be to adopt a simple
and good Free Software license (such as the Expat/MIT). 

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