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Skrooge and qca-ossl

Hello there,

I've been informed by Rohan Garg, from Ubuntu, that Skrooge being linked to qca-ossl is an issue, and that I should add some exception to the Skrooge GPL licence.
I've been pointed  to the following pages that explain the issue:
* http://ftp-master.debian.org/REJECT-FAQ.html
* http://people.gnome.org/~markmc/openssl-and-the-gpl.html
* http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2004/05/msg00595.html

I'd appreciate some help on that : is the issue really on Skrooge side, or on qca side ? If on Skrooge side, where do I have to add the exception in the COPYING file ? Sorry to bother, but I'm really a noob on licensing issues...

Many thanks for your help, and please keep me CC'd as I'm not subscribed to the list.


Skrooge, a personal finances manager for KDE 4.x

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