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Re: The Debian open logo with "Debian" is not compliant to the Debian policy (RC bugs #587482, #587664 and #587668)

On 02/11/10 13:55, Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote:
> Hi all, 
> (Context: while hunting for an RC bug to fix, I fell on #587668 and then asked 
> for advice on #debian-release, where a discussion was held. Here's my summary of 
> the issue.)
> As the title of the bugreports mention, the issue is that the Debian Open Use 
> Logo (DOUL) with "Debian" is not compliant to the DFSG. The consensus seems to 
> be that it certainly fails #3 and #6, and (to some extent), #8. 
> (My opinion is "no", but while interesting, it doesn't actually matter.)
> Looking forward for more enlightening answers, cheers,
> OdyX
The problem is, that while copyright may be involved, this is not a
copyright issue.

It's a trademark issue.

And that makes it a completely different kettle of fish.


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