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Re: The Debian open logo with "Debian" is not compliant to the Debian policy (RC bugs #587482, #587664 and #587668)

Hi all, 

(Context: while hunting for an RC bug to fix, I fell on #587668 and then asked 
for advice on #debian-release, where a discussion was held. Here's my summary of 
the issue.)

As the title of the bugreports mention, the issue is that the Debian Open Use 
Logo (DOUL) with "Debian" is not compliant to the DFSG. The consensus seems to 
be that it certainly fails #3 and #6, and (to some extent), #8. 

 * The "DOUL without 'Debian'" is DFSG-free; [DOUL]
 * The "DOUL with 'Debian'" is not. [DOUL-with]

gdm, gdm-themes and desktop-base all ship some images that incorporate both the 
swirl and the "Debian" part of the logo. The issue sounds to be that if the 
"Debian" part of said images were "derivatived" for the DOUL-with, they would 
fall under the DOUL-with license, hence non-DFSG-free (hence not suitable for 

Now how can those three RC bugs get solved? My understanding from reading the 
three bugreports and from the discussion on #d-release is that we have a limited 
set of options:

  a) remove the "Debian" word on all images,
		(This would make the situation clear but is not necessarily possible
		without damage for all affected images.)
  b) get the original author of all affected images confirm that the "Debian"
     word on all images was not derivated from the DOUL-with,
  c) create a "Debian" word from scratch and replace all occurences of it in all
     affected images,
		(Same as a); not necessarily possible without damage on all affected
  d) get the DOUL-with license changed in time for Squeeze,
  e) have the Release Team tag this as squeeze-ignore (that's no proper fix

@debian-legal: would the solutions b) or c) be enough to ensure that the final 
images would not fall under the DOUL-with license?

(My opinion is "no", but while interesting, it doesn't actually matter.)

Looking forward for more enlightening answers, cheers,


Didier Raboud, proud Debian Maintainer (DM).
CH-1020 Renens

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