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Re: Ubuntu trademark non-free?

On Tue, 10 Aug 2010, Don Armstrong wrote:
> This is something that should be worked out with the Ubuntu One
> developers and/or Ubuntu people. So long as we and all of our
> downstream have the ability to exercise the rights guaranteed by the
> DFSG via a trademark grant (or probably even just e-mail
> communication to that effect), it should be redistributable in main.
> [Indeed, it may even be the case for #564276 as well.]
> Let me get an Ubuntu person to weigh in on this.

I've talked with Matt Zimmerman, who talked with the correct people at
Ubuntu, who confirmed that it was accpetable use from their
perspective, that it was "NOT necessary to rename or rebrand these
packages from a trademark perspective". He indicated that the
trademark policy as described on the website was primarily directed at
Ubuntu as a distribution. [This is fairly similar to the way Debian
itself polices its trademarks.]

So, the names and such should all be ok, but we should fix the menus
in software-center (#564276) as appropriate.

Don Armstrong

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