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Re: Ubuntu trademark non-free?

Jordan Metzmeier <titan8990@gmail.com> wrote:
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> I had been looking at this bug for a few days now
> as well the the Ubuntu Trademark Policy [1]. I am
> not a legal person, so I would like to bring it to
> the attention of people who are, to see if this policy
> makes the application non-free in its current state.
> The statements that stands out to me are:
> "We reserve the right to review all usage within the open
> source community, and to object to any usage that appears
> to overstep the bounds of discussion and good-faith
> non-commercial development."
> and
> "Restricted use that requires a trademark licence
> Permission from us is necessary to use any of the Trademarks
> under any circumstances other than those specifically permitted
> above. These include:
> - - Any commercial use."

This makes it clearly non-free.  It is best to just replace anything
trademarked by Ubuntu.

Walter Landry

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