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Re: Updating the MPL

On 13/03/10 08:18, Paul Wise wrote:
Is there the perception that the MPL is still nessecary? I'm wondering
what features of the current/future MPL are desired and are not
satisfied by the LGPL / GPL dual licensing combination or could be

The scope of the copyleft in the MPL (file-level) is different to that in the LGPL (library-level). Historically, the MPL has proved to be a middle-ground where BSDish people and GPLish people have been able to cooperate. So we have no plans to significantly change the copyleft scope, and that means that something like the LGPL would not be a suitable replacement for the MPL.

Since that requires Javascript, you'll find some people will prefer to
comment here or on the below lists. co-ment looks to be a very nice
piece of software though.

While we will attempt to read and consider all feedback we come across, we would prefer discussion to happen on the dedicated list.


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