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Updating the MPL

Hi, debian-legal :-)

Earlier today Mozilla announced that we're launching a community process
to update, simplify, and modernize the MPL. You can find more
information about the process at http://mpl.mozilla.org/

We're planning to address issues relevant to this group such as making
the licence more generic and easier to understand. We're also going to
look at issues of venue and choice of law that this group has discussed
in the past. We're fairly confident that the updated version will
continue to fulfill the requirements of the DFSG, but we also want to
make sure this is the case and continues to be the case. Your feedback
on the MPL and its relationship to the DFSG would be a great help here.

We'd like to make sure information about the process and participation
fora are easy to find. I will monitor discussion on this list, but we're
hoping we can aggregate many comments through our own tools:

 * co-ment for comments on the issues, text, etc. The more that can be
   done via co-ment the better, given our limited bandwidth for reading
   and discussion. Available at

 * The mpl-update mailing list for discussion of the process and
   important announcements like new drafts. Information at:


Please feel free to join the process through any of these tools, or to
contact me directly if there is a topic that doesn't seem to fit in
either of them.


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