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gw6c and gogo6 trademarks


Please CC me, I'm not on debian-legal.

I'm the maintainer of gw6c, which is an IPv6 gateway client. They've
just made a new version of the client and called it gogoclient.
The copyright is almost identical to the old one [1] except replace
gw6c->gogoclient and Hexago->gogo6.

Gogo6 took over Hexago [2] so I believe they're one and the same.

So, two questions:
  1) They put the GUI_LICENSE.txt file back in the archive. This License
  is for the Windows GUI not the Linux client (I've got emails stating
  this). Will this be a problem as CLIENT_LICENSE.txt is included too.
  2) Their website and GUI_LICENSE.txt says:
  "gogoSERVER, gogoCLIENT and gogo6 are trademarks of gogo6, inc."

Will either of these be a problem?  I can just keep calling it gw6c
if it 2) is a problem.

 - Craig
 [2] http://gogoware.gogo6.com/4105/news_details.asp?news_id=142&intpage=
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