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Re: ISDA CDS Standard Model Public Licence v0.1

Walter Landry a écrit :
Guillaume Yziquel <guillaume.yziquel@citycable.ch> wrote:
Walter Landry a écrit :

Also, I wonder about the wording that they require.  The phrasing
makes it seems that the developers of the application collaborated
with Markit Group Ltd.  What if that is not the case.  What if the
application is written by a competitor?

Wouldn't bet my hand on this one, but it seems fairly reasonable to
presume that software distributed on Markit's website, with a licence
mentioning Markit explicitely, proposing a standard model software for
use with the products that they are world-wide known to
market... would be software written by Markit.

But what about other people making modifications to it?  What if
Goldman-Sachs decides that this is wonderful software, so they modify
it specifically to counter some tactic that Markit is using?  The
modified software would still have to have the same verbiage about
collaborating with Markit, even though Markit may not be happy about
the modifications at all.

Sure. I now get the point.

If you can actually have a conversation with Markit, please advise
them to use a standard license battle-tested in court.  Depending on
their desires, that would be the GPL, LGPL, or BSD.  None of the other
licenses, especially one that they cooked up, have had nearly the same
amount of scrutiny by judges in real cases.

I'll try. They have a forum over there.

Walter Landry

     Guillaume Yziquel

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