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Re: GCC 4.4 run-time license and non-GPLv3 compilers

On 29.04.2009 04:49, Florian Weimer wrote:
* Florian Weimer:

I've asked the FSF for a clarification (the second time, the first
clarification resulted in the Java bytecode exception).  Until we know
for sure how to interpret the exception, it's probably best not to
make GCC 4.4 the default compiler in sid/squeeze.

For the record, due to a MUA glitch, the message to the FSF was not
actually sent until yesterday.  Sorry about that.

Apparently there's no feedback yet from the FSF. This issue should not prevent upgrading GCC to 4.4 for squeeze. I talked with Luk Claes, and we came to the conclusion that raising awareness for this potential issue with compilers distributed with Debian and filing a bug report to track progress would be a step forward. The bug report should be for `general', severity `serious'. Somebody then needs to identify and examine all compiler packages shipped.

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