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Re: Combining Apache with GPL in one package - Re: libxdoclet-java_1.2.3-2_i386.changes REJECTED

Joe Smith schrieb:

Florian Grandel wrote:
I have to make a correction from my earlier post. I said:

core library licensed under GPLv2

This is not true. See [1] for the core xdoclet license which doesn't seem to be any standard license.

The licence you linked to is the standard 3-clause BSD. They even forgot to change the word "REGENTS" in the disclaimer. You probably did not recognize the licence because it has been reformated slightly, such that there are no bullet points next to the clauses.

:-D Thanks for this information. I'll adapt the package accordingly.

The original question has been answered as well in the meantime. We'll be able to package the Apache, GPL and BSD files together as they are merely "aggregated" but not "linked together".

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