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Re: distributing precompiled binaries

* Anthony W. Youngman <debian@thewolery.demon.co.uk> [090329 12:03]:
> >I concur the problem is less severe with documentation than with
> >programs, as translating to text and reformating is often not that big
> >a loss for documentation. But I think in most cases only a .pdf is still to
> >hard to change to call it free.
> imho, the difference between plain text and a plain pdf is minimal. If,
> however, the pdf has loads of embedded links etc ...

Note that I said "most cases". There are .pdfs thinkable that are their
own preferred form of modification. But usually there is some something
lost. Even if it is only splitting words when wrapping, there is often
something involved that makes changing even only small things a tedious
If we ship it we should be able to make modifications, like adding
a half-sentence with same warning or changing some problematic words.

If that is reasonable possible with the pdf, then it can be OK in my
eyes. But as I said, I think in most cases that is simply not the case.

	Bernhard R. Link

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