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Re: The copyright of a keyboard mapping and its implementation

"Giacomo A. Catenazzi" <cate@debian.org> wrote:
> try the "counterattack" method:
> - he has checked the "licenses" of original layout?
>    (Surely was not a dream that give him the "Dvorak" base,
>    probably he copied layout from an existing implementation,
>    not from papers)
> - Why he can copy the layout from others, but he restrict
>    other to copy his layout?
> Usually such method works: people realize that what they
> considered "own" was not really "own".

In general, I'd support this.  Further, joss@debian's implementation
included at X.org is not subject to the other holder's copyright, so
I'd report the bogus CC-NC-ND layout claim as a bug to X.org.

Has that happened?  This thread hinted at previous discussions at
X.org, but I haven't found it yet - where was it?

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