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Wholesaling or Flipping Houses Is Hot But....

There's a dirty secret that the
others won't tell you.  When the
house you want to flip is a Short
Sale or Bank Owned REO
For'eclosure, you'll need 2 things
to get in the game. Proof of Funds
& in many (not all) cases, Transactional 
Funding, or what I call 1 Day Dough.

Hi, Kellie Brown here, inviting you to 
join me on
my fr'ee webinar happening this
Mar. 18, 2009 at 8:00 PM East and 
5:00 PM West where I'm going to
interview Cameron Dunlap.

He is going to share the secrets of doing
flip deals that generate fast ca'sh
in this market - right now.

My goal for you is one or more
deal per month in your spare
time. You with me?

I sent an invitation yesterday
and the response broke a
record. We had more people
sign up for the webinar from
that one invitation than EVER
before which almost filled it
up. So, if you want to learn
more and register, I suggest
you go here NOW!


I look forward to hearing you on the call!


Kellie Brown
Dandrew Capital Partners LLC
156 5th Avenue
Suite 823
New York, New York 10010


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