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Re: The copyright of a keyboard mapping and its implementation

Le lundi 16 mars 2009 à 11:18 -0700, Don Armstrong a écrit :
> Is there any hope of getting Leboutte to license this under CC without
> the NC and ND clauses or retract his claims?

I don’t think so, but maybe an open source evangelist would have better

> Alternatively, can someone generate a clean-room implementation of the
> appropriate layout?

What do you mean by “clean-room”? Both X11 implementations were made
from scratch, it’s just that Francis Leboutte claims they are a derived
work of his layout.

> I'm of the opinion that if we are to distribute the layout, and we are
> unable to do the two things above, we need to get legal advice, and
> then specificially ignore the ND clause by distributing a derived
> version. I'm slightly concerned about this layout hanging around and
> then a small company who uses it because it was distributed in Debian
> being sued.

I think we’re not at risk of anyone being sued as long as we don’t
distribute a derived version. However this particular requirement makes
the layout non-free.

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