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Re: smssend - GPLv2 without SSL exception - What to ask to upstream ?

> You can download the latest smssend source code here :
> 	http://archive.debian.org/debian/pool/main/s/smssend/
> To summarize what I understood :
> * skyutils(-dev) is LGPL and build-depends on libssl-dev - it visibly links 
> statically against libssl-dev, because the resulting binary package does not 
> depend on libssl. Can LGPL link to OpenSSL without exception [0] ?

I believe so, see e.g.

> * smssend is GPLv2+ (without exception) and links against skyutils and builds 
> with -lssl .
> Both are from the same upstream author and the only rdepends of skyutils is 
> smssend.
> I guess that the simplest (but not the easiest) solution for me would be to fork 
> the code of skyutils2 of and convert it to use GnuTLS, huh ?

Yes, although looking at the code in skyutils2, it seems its only use of
openssl is to download web pages or something like that.  Can't you use
libcurl instead?  That might be a better abstraction level.  However I
didn't look closely at the code, so it may be doing something that
libcurl cannot.


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