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Re: independent.nu - DFSG compatible?

On söndagen den 28 september 2008, Joe Smith wrote:
> "Don Armstrong" <don@debian.org> wrote in message
> [🔎] 20080928003053.GB26325@rzlab.ucr.edu">news:[🔎] 20080928003053.GB26325@rzlab.ucr.edu...
> >The key words here are what "totally free" means, and what "use"
> >means. If "totally free" means "you have the freedom to do anything
> >you wish with these works" then that's a different meaning entirely
> >than "you don't have to pay for these works". Likewise, if "use" means
> >just "perform", then it's totally different from a standin for "use in
> >any manner, including but not limited to modifcation, distribution,
> >and performance."
> Well, the word "fri" (plural/definiate-form fria) in Swedish is exactly
> equivlent to the English word "free" including
> the meanings "libre", "gratis", "without" (e.g. lead-free), and "not
> blocked" (available, like a free seat at a table).
> So there is no help there.

Except that we almost always say "gratis" when we mean "without cost", 
and "ledig" in the case of a free seat. "Fri" normally means free as in 
freedom or free from something undesirable (meanings 1 and 3).

Magnus Holmgren        holmgren@debian.org
Debian Developer 

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