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independent.nu - DFSG compatible?


I'm searching for sounds to help GNU Freedink project in making new free game data for 'Dink smallwood'.
I found this swedish webpage
, that contains several good sounds that I would like to modify and use. The 'license' is in swedish and doesn't say much:


 Rättigheterna är helt fria på samtliga ljud: Du kan alltså använda
 dem precis hur mycket du vill i vilka sammanhang som helst utan att
 behöva fråga om lov eller ha några tillstånd!
   Känner du att ljuden hjälpt dig på vägen; tacka gärna
 "independent.nu" i eftertexterna till din film!

my translation:

The rights are totally free for all sounds. That means you can use them as much as you want in any context you like, without needing to ask for permission.

If you feel that these sounds have helped you then say thanks to 'independent.nu' in the end credits of your film.

Do you consider this DFSG compatible?

Petteri Tolonen

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