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Re: Is AGPLv3 DFSG-free?

Francesco Poli wrote:
Am I failing to comply with the license?

The only person who could say for sure would be a judge.

But, in general, it's worth noting that the law is not as robotic as this. We could imagine all kinds of scenarios that could be construed as violations of all kinds of licenses. Does the GPL prevent you from moving if you've made a written offer and can't have your mail forwarded for the full three years? Is it a license violation to brag to a sexy bar patron about what you do at work if you mention the upstream author of the BSD-licensed software you're hacking?

In practice, I doubt anyone would resort to the courts in the case you cited, especially if that Internet connection was used to reply to the original author, explaining the situation and asking for five weeks to fix the problem. And if they did, I doubt a judge would take kindly to the waste of time.

There may be other reasons the AGPL is DFSG-bad, but the Rube Goldberg mechanisms sometimes cited in these threads are getting a little out of hand, and more importantly don't seem to reflect the real practice of law as I understand it.

IANAL, etc.

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