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Re: Is AGPLv3 DFSG-free?

* Miriam Ruiz:

> I think that the key element for me is what can be considered a user
> of a program. PySoy is a Python module that can (or will be able to)
> be used both in a game run locally, and in a game run remotely by
> using a Firefox plugin to connect to it. My main concern is about the
> ways in which AGPL might affect the locally run programs that connect
> to other people through a network. If I develop a 3D Jabber client
> using this library, for example, and I chat with other people using
> other Jabber clients, must I "prominently offer all users interacting
> with it remotely through a computer network [...] an opportunity to
> receive the Corresponding Source..."?

Very intestering observation.  I think the answer is yes, you must
provide this information.  It's also true if you add a multi-player mode
to the Python code.

As far as I know, the AGPL was primarily intended for software running
on some server, with no application-specific code on the clients.  In
case of peer-to-peer systems, where both parties run more or less the
same code, it's just obnoxious.  As you noted, it's totally out of line
for software used by humans to communicate with each other.  I would
consider the source download information spam-like activity.

However, all this doesn't tell us if the license is DFSG-compliant or
not. 8-(

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