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Copy vs. (re)distribute


since I've got upstreams (having copied some code from others, that's
why they aren't spelling it out directly) that aren't convinced that
having the rights to copy, use, modify is insufficient to meet the DFSG.
From what I recall having read during NM, I've never seen any discussion
comparing the rights to copy and to (re)distribute. Could someone please
shed some light, and/or share pointers to some nice reading on that

I also believe that "You may use this program as desired without
restriction" can't be understood as one is free to modify and
redistribute it; but I'd appreciate your views (anyway, I believe it was
meant to be free "for real", just not worded adequately -- this one
dates back to 1986 -- but I'd like to make sure it's not DFSG-free

Thanks in advance.


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