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Should copyright information for automake generated files be added to debian/copyright?

Dear debian-legal,

I have adopted some packages (unshield, dynamite, orange) and while I
looked for a sponsor on debian-mentors, Vincent Bernat said, I should
include the copyright of "ltmain.sh and all other generated files".
For unshield that would be a couple of Makefile.in, aclocal.m4,
config.guess, config.rpath, config.sub, configure, depcomp, install-sh,
ltmain.sh and missing.

After checking my /usr/share/doc/*/copyright and packages.debian.org, I
can find only a few packages really telling about these files in their

I also found the following post by Neil Williams:
Subject: Does automake pollute the copyright of all packages that use
Message-Id: 20070801105650.9902935c.codehelp@debian.org
Sadly there was no answer to his mail.

So now I'm a little bit puzzled and asking for your help.
Should I...
1. ... add copyright information of all generated files?
2. ... add copyright information of generated files present in
upstream tarball only?
3. ... don't add them (as ftp-masters seem to accept such archives) and
only list files really written by upstream?

Regards and thanks in advance
Evgeni Golov

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