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Re: Inc. logo in game data (lure-of-the-temptress)

On Sun, 04 May 2008 18:37:06 +0800 Wen-Yen Chuang wrote:

> Francesco Poli wrote:
> > I would certainly recommend removing the logos.
> Thanks to Josselin, Joe, and Francesco.

You're welcome.

> There is a way to skip those logos by modifying source code of
> ScummVM. [1]
> But I think it is not the correct way to avoid the license issue.

I agree: it would *not* avoid shipping non-free images in the package,
it would just make it more difficult to *realize* that this is being
done!  So it would just be stuffing dust under the carpet!

> As far as I know, currently there is no easy way to edit those game
> data. So beneath-a-steel-sky, flight-of-the-amazon-queen, and
> lure-of-the-temptress should be in non-free segment.

What I cannot understand is: how did the original authors (at
Revolution Software, Inc.) modify the game data, while they were still
developing the game?

It seems [1] that they edited the ready-to-use game data directly with
some tools that we do not have available under DFSG-free terms (nor
have we any DFSG-free replacement)...

[1] see http://bugs.debian.org/241431

So, if this is really the case, then we seem to actually have the
preferred form for making modifications (== source code).

However, we seem to lack a DFSG-free editor (included in Debian main)
for making modifications to the game data.
So it seems that the _letter_ of Debian Policy [2] is not violated,
since the package does not require anything outside of main for
*compilation* or *execution*.
It requires something outside of main for *modification*, which is a
different activity, though.

[2] http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-archive.html#s-main

On the other hand, I am not sure about the _spirit_ of Debian Policy.
I'm almost beginning to think that Policy should be amended in order to
include "modification" among the activities that must be feasible
without anything outside of main...

Moreover, there's still the logo issue: non-free logos should be
removed, even if we really have source code.
And this brings us back to the "how can I edit this?" headache!
Oh, what a mess!

Big big disclaimers: the above is just my own personal reasoning.

 The nano-document series is here!
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