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Re: Zimbra and Yahoo Public License

Hi Miriam!

You wrote:

> What about "6.2 - In the event Yahoo! determines that You have
> breached this Agreement, Yahoo! may terminate this Agreement." ? Would
> it give Yahoo! the power to terminate the license randomly at their
> will (for example, if Microsoft buys it in the future), or is it safe
> enough? In any case, I don't think it would be too relevant, as it
> won't affect redistributions ("With respect to any Modification You
> distribute in source code format, the terms of this Agreement will
> apply to You in the same way those terms apply to Yahoo! with respect
> to the Software"). I'm asking just in case.

I think it's similar to the GPL termination clause: if you're violating
the license, your rights under the license are retracted.

(ianal and such)


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