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Re: Questions about liblouis

2008/2/26, Eitan Isaacson <eitan@ascender.com>:

>  3. The translation tables that are read at run-time are considered
>  part of this code and are under the terms of the GPL. Any changes to
>  these tables and any additional tables that are created for use by
>  this code must be made publicly available."

After having a second look at this statement, I really have a more
serious problem with it than I thought I had. It really imposes a
serious restriction to its usage: It totally forbids private usage.

Any changes to the tables, or any additional tables that are created
and that you use with that code for any purpose would have to be made
publicly available. Even if you're just using them for testing. Even
if you're just using them in your own private computer and don't
redistribute your program at all.

Even more, as they are runtime tables, imagine you put the program
available for being run through the net some way, maybe through a web
page, whatever. If someone tries newer tables with the program, they
must put those tables publicly available too! I mean, it affects the
license of the data to be used with the program. That's totally
unacceptable in my opinion.

I think that clause totally violates the freedom of usage. No doubt
about it at all.


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