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Re: Desert island test

On Friday 29 February 2008 12:39:58 am Ben Finney wrote:
> Sean Kellogg <skellogg@gmail.com> writes:
> > The response implies that -legal is the final arbiter... which gives
> > the impression that -legal arbitrates (which it doesn't), that it is
> > final (which it isn't), and best of all, that it is always right
> > (debatable?).
> I can only say in response that I get *none* of those impressions when
> I read the same text. Even with your explication above in mind, I
> can't see those impressions on a second reading of the same text. I
> really don't know where you're getting that from.

I appriciate your attempt to see my perspective. Do you at least see why the 
answer "no" is, at best, incomplete?

Sean Kellogg
e: skellogg@gmail.com

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