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Re: Desert island test

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On 28-02-2008 13:40, Sean Kellogg wrote:
> Ahhmm?! I've been subscribed to d-l for around five years now and I 
> have never seen anyone tie a test to a DFSG point even though folks 
> have asked. In fact, it wasn't until someone posted the wikipedia 
> article on the DFSG that I've seen the three tests spelled out "on 
> paper".

	As I said, during NM, every candidate must do this, unless
I am misunderstanding something, but they most point out what each
test tries to address in DFSG.

	I also remember to research on mail lists to find people
explaining what the tests try to address to make sure that my
answer (during my NM) was more or less right.

	Not sure why the tests are so evil, I'm not in favor or
against them, I was just pointing something that happens nowadays.
I think that in a lot of cases the tests helps to understand some
corner cases, specially for some non-native speakers.

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