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Re: RFS: Thousand Parsec packages.

On Wednesday 30 January 2008 04:33:19 pm Tristan Seligmann wrote:
> Hmm. This is frustrating, because on the one hand, it's probably worth
> avoiding an "innocent infringement defense"; on the other hand, updating
> copyright notices every year seems like a rather tedious task that
> people typically don't ever get around to (at least, judging by all the
> out of date copyright notices out there). Oh well...

Well, the idea is that unless you make true authorship-worthy contributions to 
a work, the notice dates should not be incremented. Companies who automate 
the copyright notice on their websites to go to the current year are 
providing improper notices unless they are actually doing something to their 
site. So, yeah, if whatever you change is actually worthy of the title 
authorship, then the a few extra seconds to bump the date shouldn't kill ya.


Sean Kellogg
e: skellogg@gmail.com

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