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Re: RFS: Thousand Parsec packages.

* Arnoud Engelfriet <arnoud@engelfriet.net> [2008-01-30 15:57:06 +0100]:

> Ben Finney wrote:
> > My understanding is that a copyright declaration on the work makes it
> > easier to prove to a court that the recipient knows that the work *is*
> > copyrighted to the specified entity, and that the copyright is
> > current.
> "Furthermore, in the event that a work is infringed, if the work carries a
> proper notice, the court will not give any weight to a defendant's
> interposition of an innocent infringement defense.that is, that he or she
> did not realize that the work was protected. An innocent infringement
> defense may result in a reduction in damages that the copyright owner would
> otherwise receive."
> http://www.copyright.gov/circs/circ03.html

Hmm. This is frustrating, because on the one hand, it's probably worth
avoiding an "innocent infringement defense"; on the other hand, updating
copyright notices every year seems like a rather tedious task that
people typically don't ever get around to (at least, judging by all the
out of date copyright notices out there). Oh well...
mithrandi, i Ainil en-Balandor, a faer Ambar

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