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Re: web hosting providers' modified .debs

On Fri, Jan 25, 2008 at 03:33:34AM +0800, jidanni@jidanni.org wrote:
> So Dear legal beagles, please close this loophole, if any.

As outlined previously in the discussion, I don't think there *is* a
"loophole" here. Anyone using GPL v.3 software (which includes almost
all GNU software issued since GPL v.3 was introduced) to provide
remote shell access appears to be bound by GPL v.3 to provide the
source, whether they have modified that software or otherwise. 

At least, that's my take, and no-one has yet put forward a
counter-argument on this thread. 

So there is no loophole, but equally there is probably a very high
rate of non-compliance, which is a different matter. 



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