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Re: web hosting providers' modified .debs

Dear legal beagles, all I know is if one day I couldn't do
me@dreamhost$ dpkg -l && apt-get --print-uris ... && wget ...
to examine the .debs that were Debian debs but slightly modified by
Dreamhost (or other such web host), well that would mean the whole
Free Software concept had come to a grinding halt. I.e., Junior is
sitting at the prompt using
$ emacs ...; grep ...
but no longer able to see the source of what he is using. Yes he could
go to gnu.org or debian.org and see some progenitor versions, but not the
source of what he is using, despite all the Copyleft labels still
visible in them using strings(1).

So Dear legal beagles, please close this loophole, if any.

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