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Reputations of debian-legal (was: Eiffel Forum License v2)

"Sean B. Palmer" <sean@miscoranda.com> writes:

> I've had numerous comments, incidentally, that debian-legal is just
> a useless discussion forum, a hive of horrors, a place to be
> avoided. I know someone who's not subscribed to it on purpose.
> Someone else even said outright that they're scared of it!
> Perhaps I haven't been subscribed long enough or something, but I've
> found the exact opposite. Certainly the feedback that I've got has
> been tough and debatory. But it's also been prompt. It's been
> polite. It's been terse and informative, and all emails I've
> received so far have been, I think, written with the spirit of
> helpfulness.

This is very much a perception coloured by the participants (or

Those, like you, who choose to debate and allow their arguments and
assumptions to be examined in the interest of improving them, will
find debian-legal to be a more pleasant place.

Those who prefer *not* to have assumptions examined or authority
questioned will instead find debian-legal to be "a place to be

> So many thanks to everyone for that; and sorry to spoil your bad
> reputation :-)

Happy to have some counterpoints made. Thanks!

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