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Re: Artistic License 2.0

Sean Kellogg <skellogg@gmail.com> writes:

> On Wednesday 19 December 2007 04:49:04 pm Ben Finney wrote:
> > Debian considers the freedom of works, not license texts in
> > isolation.
> Debian-legal reviews license text in isolation all the time.

Perhaps. However, Debian isn't interested in freedom of licenses, only
in freedom of works to be distributed.

> > Thanks for this. So, this translates to a request to review the
> > legal freedom of the current Parrot package, yes?
> You've got to be kidding, right?! Here we have an outside
> organization asking for input on a license and you feel like they
> didn't formulation their question correctly enough to warrant your
> time and energy to respond, but did warrant your time and energy to
> criticize? Seriously?

I'm at a loss to see where you find my post to contain criticism. I
was asking a question to clarify the intent of the original poster.

> > I presume you're asking for a review of a package (or the latest
> > version of a package) that is not yet in Debian. Where do we find
> > the current copyright statement, grant of license, and the license
> > terms?
> I think you've presumed yourself into being a grade A quality jerk.
> The question was simple, the text was provided

The question was simple but didn't contain some information I found
necessary. Rather than get ticked off about it, or make assumptions
about what the request actually was, I made a polite enquiry for
clarification and more information.

At the point where I replied, the only message in this thread was the
one that started the thread, Message-ID: <[🔎] 4769754E.6070602@perl.org>.
In that message, the license text wasn't provided, nor linked to, and
neither was it clear which source package the request was about.

> Boy... haven't been this ticked off by a post on d-l in a long time.

If you're offended by polite requests for clarification and more
information, that's unfortunate. I won't let it get in the way of
asking for clarification in future.

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Ben Finney

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