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Freedom of Parrot (was: Artistic License 2.0)

Allison Randal <allison@perl.org> writes:

> The Artistic License 2.0 has been approved by the OSI, but not
> explicitly reviewed by debian-legal. Would you like to review it?

Debian considers the freedom of works, not license texts in isolation.

> This is currently relevant as the Parrot project is adopting the
> orphaned Debian Parrot packages, and is now licensed only under the
> Artistic License 2.0. (The previous versions of Parrot packaged for
> Debian were dual Artistic 1.0/GPL).

Thanks for this. So, this translates to a request to review the legal
freedom of the current Parrot package, yes?

I presume you're asking for a review of a package (or the latest
version of a package) that is not yet in Debian. Where do we find the
current copyright statement, grant of license, and the license terms?

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