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Re: Artistic License 2.0 (was: Freedom of Parrot)

On Wednesday 19 December 2007 04:49:04 pm Ben Finney wrote:
> Allison Randal <allison@perl.org> writes:
> > The Artistic License 2.0 has been approved by the OSI, but not
> > explicitly reviewed by debian-legal. Would you like to review it?
> Debian considers the freedom of works, not license texts in
> isolation.

Debian-legal reviews license text in isolation all the time.  In fact, 
there is a rather good review of this very license in this very 
thread done by an honest-to-goodness debian-legal contributor.  Where 
in the wide-world of debian does it say that d-l only 
reviews "freedom of works" and why, if that is so, are there all 
those nice write-ups about the various OSS licenses out there?

Perhaps you are thinking about what the FTP-masters do, which, if I 
understand the division of labor correctly, isn't what d-l is for.

> > This is currently relevant as the Parrot project is adopting the
> > orphaned Debian Parrot packages, and is now licensed only under
> > the Artistic License 2.0. (The previous versions of Parrot
> > packaged for Debian were dual Artistic 1.0/GPL).
> Thanks for this. So, this translates to a request to review the
> legal freedom of the current Parrot package, yes?

You've got to be kidding, right?!  Here we have an outside 
organization asking for input on a license and you feel like they 
didn't formulation their question correctly enough to warrant your 
time and energy to respond, but did warrant your time and energy to 
criticize?  Seriously?

> I presume you're asking for a review of a package (or the latest
> version of a package) that is not yet in Debian. Where do we find
> the current copyright statement, grant of license, and the license
> terms?

I think you've presumed yourself into being a grade A quality jerk.  
The question was simple, the text was provided, and the responses 
have already come in from people who appear willing to assist and not 
just criticize.

Boy...  haven't been this ticked off by a post on d-l in a long time.

Sean Kellogg
e: skellogg@gmail.com
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