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Some questions about eaccelerator-package

Hello there.

I ask for advise.

PHP uses its own OpenSource license which is incompatible with GPL for
some reasons.

eAccelerator[1] is a PHP extension which speeds up php scrips at 10
times and do some more things (content caching, session handling etc.)
But it is licensed under GPL and unfortunately it could not be

So binary distribution of eAccelerator would be GPL violation.

I made wrapper package which contains make-eaceelerator-package script
and some other stuff which allow end-user to make binary package in
one command.

Now I have some questions:
1st. Where should such script go? main or contrib? from one point of
view, my script, eAccelerator and PHP are all free software, but from
the other one there are some restriction which makes eaccelerator not
100% free.
2nd. Is it possible to have eaccelerator-src package with eaccelerator's
sources in main? If not, could it enter non-free?

PS Yes, I know about pine, which is available only as source package,
but I think, that it's not easy for end-user to make binary packages by
hand. And I prefer script which do all this stuff for them.
PPS You can take a look at this package at [3]. For now it has
eaccelerator sources inside and creates two binary packages:
eaccelerator-package and eaccelerator-src, but this could be changed if
we decide to put this binary packages in separate sections. Any
suggestion are welcomed. 

[1] http://eaccelerator.net
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2005/01/msg00130.html
[3] http://vice.gq.net.ru/staff/eaccelerator

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