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About Logo License

Hello there, I am not subscriber of this list, please
reply to me in CC, thanks in advance!

ftpmaster reject my new package Phamm www.phamm.org
due Image license restriction:

[...Hi Maintainer,

rejected, this wont go into main, the image license forbids that.
You also, even if you want to go to non-free, want to enhance your
copyright file. You may want to read
for a bit more information...]

I agree the decision, because the project is released under GPLv2
but I added a bad version of IMAGES.LICENSE (only for images)

I removed now IMAGES.LICENSE, but I need to protect at least the "Phamm Logo"
from not appropriate use, something like this policy/license http://www.debian.org/logos/

I write something like below, is this acceptable for Debian?

(c) 2004 Alessandro De Zorzi - adezorzi AT rhx DOT it - www.rhx.it


This logo or a modified version may be used by anyone to refer to the Phamm
project, but does not indicate endorsement by the project.

Note: we would appreciate that you make the image a link to
http://www.phamm.org/ if you use it on a web page.

Permission has been given to use the official logo on clothing
(shirts, hats, mouse pads, etc) as long as they are made by a
Phamm developer and not sold for profit.

thanks in advance
Alessandro De Zorzi

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