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Re: Bug#442032: CPAL

This does not seem relevant to OpenProj. There is no splash screen required only a small attribution as noted in Exhibit B of the OpenProj license.

Manoj Srivastava wrote:

        The comments below might not apply to the current package, but
 are addressed to some of the troubling aspects of the license.

|  (a) As  a modest attribution to  the organizer of  the development of
|      the  Original Code ("Original  Developer"), in the hope  that its
|      promotional  value may  help justify the  time, money  and effort
|      invested in writing the Original Code, the Original Developer may
|      include  in Exhibit  B ("Attribution Information")  a requirement
|      that each time an Executable  and Source Code or a Larger Work is
|      launched or initially  run (which includes initiating a session),
|       a  prominent display  of  the  Original Developer's  Attribution
|      Information  (as defined  below) must occur  on the  graphic user
|      interface  employed by the end  user to access  such Covered Code
|      (which may include display on a splash screen), if any.
|  The size of the graphic image should be consistent with the size of the
|  other elements of the Attribution Information. If the access by the end
|  user to the  Executable and Source Code does not  create a graphic user
|  interface for  access to  the Covered Code,  this obligation  shall not
|  apply. If the Original Code  displays such Attribution Information in a
|  particular form  (such as  in the  form of a  splash screen,  notice at
|  login,  an  "about" display,  or  dedicated  attribution  area on  user
|  interface  screens), continued use  of such  form for  that Attribution
|  Information is one way of meeting this requirement for notice.
|  (b) Attribution information may only include a copyright notice, a
|  brief phrase, graphic image and a URL ("Attribution Information") and
|  is subject to the Attribution Limits as defined below. [...snip!]
|  The  term  "External  Deployment"   means  the  use,  distribution,  or
|  communication of  the Original  Code or Modifications  in any  way such
|  that the  Original Code  or Modifications may  be used by  anyone other
|  than You, whether those works  are distributed or communicated to those
|  persons or  made available  as an application  intended for use  over a
|  network. As an  express condition for the grants  of license hereunder,
|  You must treat  any External Deployment by You of  the Original Code or
|  Modifications as a distribution under  section 3.1 and make Source Code
|  available under Section 3.2.

        This means, if I even use one single function of the original
 work, in an a GUI environment, which creates, say, a button to use in
 the task bar (small button, think of the wm* packages -- wmweather et
 al), I either make the button hugish, or I have to code in a splash
 screen -- for every single button that uses any of the original
 source. So, if a user has a dozen or so of these buttons in their
 toolbar, they are faced with a dozen splash screens when they start
 their session.

        This sounds like a significant reduction in freedom.

Be consistent. Larry Wall in the perl man page
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