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Bug#442032: CPAL (was: Bug#442032: ITP: openproj -- A desktop replacement for Microsoft Project. It is capable of sharing files with Microsoft Project...)


        The comments below might not apply to the current package, but
 are addressed to some of the troubling aspects of the license.

|  (a) As  a modest attribution to  the organizer of  the development of
|      the  Original Code ("Original  Developer"), in the hope  that its
|      promotional  value may  help justify the  time, money  and effort
|      invested in writing the Original Code, the Original Developer may
|      include  in Exhibit  B ("Attribution Information")  a requirement
|      that each time an Executable  and Source Code or a Larger Work is
|      launched or initially  run (which includes initiating a session),
|       a  prominent display  of  the  Original Developer's  Attribution
|      Information  (as defined  below) must occur  on the  graphic user
|      interface  employed by the end  user to access  such Covered Code
|      (which may include display on a splash screen), if any.
|  The size of the graphic image should be consistent with the size of the
|  other elements of the Attribution Information. If the access by the end
|  user to the  Executable and Source Code does not  create a graphic user
|  interface for  access to  the Covered Code,  this obligation  shall not
|  apply. If the Original Code  displays such Attribution Information in a
|  particular form  (such as  in the  form of a  splash screen,  notice at
|  login,  an  "about" display,  or  dedicated  attribution  area on  user
|  interface  screens), continued use  of such  form for  that Attribution
|  Information is one way of meeting this requirement for notice.
|  (b) Attribution information may only include a copyright notice, a
|  brief phrase, graphic image and a URL ("Attribution Information") and
|  is subject to the Attribution Limits as defined below. [...snip!]
|  The  term  "External  Deployment"   means  the  use,  distribution,  or
|  communication of  the Original  Code or Modifications  in any  way such
|  that the  Original Code  or Modifications may  be used by  anyone other
|  than You, whether those works  are distributed or communicated to those
|  persons or  made available  as an application  intended for use  over a
|  network. As an  express condition for the grants  of license hereunder,
|  You must treat  any External Deployment by You of  the Original Code or
|  Modifications as a distribution under  section 3.1 and make Source Code
|  available under Section 3.2.

        This means, if I even use one single function of the original
 work, in an a GUI environment, which creates, say, a button to use in
 the task bar (small button, think of the wm* packages -- wmweather et
 al), I either make the button hugish, or I have to code in a splash
 screen -- for every single button that uses any of the original
 source. So, if a user has a dozen or so of these buttons in their
 toolbar, they are faced with a dozen splash screens when they start
 their session.

        This sounds like a significant reduction in freedom.

Be consistent. Larry Wall in the perl man page
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