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Re: Bug#442032: CPAL (was: Bug#442032: ITP: openproj -- A desktop replacement for Microsoft Project. It is capable of sharing files with Microsoft Project...)

Laurent Chretienneau <lchretienneau@projity.com> wrote:
> The CPAL is an OSI approved license.

That's informative, but not sufficient to show that *software* under that
licence follows the DFSG.  (OSI has lawyers advocating licences, while
debian looks at software for users.)

Would you explain:-
 - can section 14 be a requirement to display an advert and must the
 openproj software display such an advert? (possible DFSG 3 problem)
 - why is NPL replaced with CPAL in section 13? (merely strange)
 - why is Original Developer added? (less worrying)

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