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Re: perforce SCM licensing issues

ajdlinux@gmail.com writes:

> The standard Perforce commercial EULA, from
> http://www.perforce.com/perforce/contracts/commercial.pdf

Thanks for this courtesy. A request: when posting paragraphs of text,
please make sure the lines wrap properly (which, in practice, also
implies "don't use gmail").

> ...
>       4. Grants of License
> ...
>       C. Customer may make any additional copies of the Software to
> the extent necessary for use of the
>            Program. In addition, Customer may copy the Software for
> archival or backup purposes. Customer
>            shall reproduce and include copyright or other proprietary
> notices on any copies in substantially
>            the same form as appears in or on the original copies
> provided to Customer.

Grants only permission to copy "to the extent necessary for use of the

No permission to redistribute is granted here or anywhere else in the
license terms.

> ...
>       E. Perforce hereby reserves all rights in and to the Software
> that are not specifically granted by this
>            License Agreement.
> ...

So, Debian has no grant of license from these terms to redistribute at

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