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Re: perforce SCM licensing issues

Sam Clegg <sam@superduper.net> writes:

> I maintain debain packages of perforce client and server for use
> within my company.  I was wondering if these packages would be
> candidates for inclusion in non-free. [...]

> AFAICT the binaries are freely distributable:

Can you please post the exact text of the license terms to this
thread, so we can discuss in context?

> Although perforce is a long way from being free software they are
> friendly to open source projects and provide server licenses to such
> projects at no cost.

What you describe seems no more than "we're happy for more people to
agree to our non-free license terms so our software becomes more
widely used, at zero marginal cost to ourselves". I don't see how that
one-sided bargain can be described as "friendly". The terms of the
bargain are still non-free, which is harmful and antisocial, not

> Please CC me on replies.


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