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perforce SCM licensing issues

hello all,

I maintain debain packages of perforce client and server for use within
my company.   I was wondering if these packages would be candidates for
inclusion in non-free.  I've contacted perforce and they seem to 
be happy for this to happen:

We would definitely like to see the packages in our public depot. 

In principal, we also do not object to have Perforce binaries included
in the non-free part of the debian distribution, as long as it is clear
that you are the sole distributor and maintainer of the packages and
Perforce is in no way liable for their content and support.

AFAICT the binaries are freely distributable:


Although perforce is a long way from being free software they are
friendly to open source projects and provide server licenses
to such projects at no cost.

My packages of perforce are available for those who might be interested:


Please CC me on replies.
Sam Clegg <sam@superduper.net>

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